'Random Awesomeness' is a panel show where funny people talk about fascinating facts. Each episode has a central theme and then some of the funniest people in comedy play trivia rounds about that theme. In addition to getting points for correct answers, they also get points for being funny... But let's face it, no one cares who wins. We're here to make you sound like a genius at your next cocktail party.

Steve Frech
Producer, Host

Steve began 'Random Awesomeness' as a daily blog about interesting facts. He's kind of a nerd. After amassing a bunch of facts, he decided to turn it into a comedy quiz show with his friends from Upright Citizens Brigade. His screenplay, 'Overture' was a top ten finalist for the Slamdance Screenwriting Competition. His debut novel, 'Requiem' is also available in paperback and digital download from Amazon.com  

Justin Trevor Winters

Justin Trevor Winters began his career working in the Literary Department at Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency where he worked in collaboration with established directors, screenwriters, and authors as well as read scripts, wrote coverage, and recommended potential clients. He later joined Creative Artists Agency, and after assisting in launching numerous projects, began focusing on his own screenwriting career. His latest film Killing Winston Jones, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover, Danny Masterson, and Jon Heder, is set to be released in 2016, and he is in different stages of development on several other film and TV projects. He's an instructor at the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, lectures at Arizona State University and UC Santa Barbara, and contributes to CreativeScreenwriting.com, ScreenCraft.org and FilmCourage.com, websites dedicated to encouraging young writers and filmmakers to study and pursue their goals and aspirations. 


*A Randomly Awesome Fact about Justin... he was once bitten by a Mojave Rattlesnake. After five days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died. He can also speak Russian... in French.